Super Shakespearian Insult & Cuss Generator

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Super Shakespearian Insult & Cuss Generator

by Michael Murphy
About Insults:
Anyone can cuss. It's not difficult. But to cuss well; that's a different story. To lay down a barrage of words so well tempered that they leave the object of your tirade stunned and speechless is an art form. Some old sailors and drill instructors have it down as do a few farmers I know. Now you too can insult and cuss with the best of them without offending those within earshot with my handy, dandy Shakespearian Insult and Cuss Generator. Just right for that awkward moment when your hammer hits the wrong nail or your local telemarketer goes too far. If you gotta cuss, do it with some class!

1. Click the make insult button.
2. Watch the insult appear in the box.
3. Repeat to taste (use your Enter/Return key).
4. Try preceeding the insult with "You" or "Thou Art A"
5. Be sure to memorize your favorites for
those special occations.

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