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Patch Piecing Can Preserve Old Ties. Precious memories can be created from ties that belonged to someone like our father, grandfather, brother or a close friend who has passed away.

Craft recipes from the "Treasures of Use and Beauty" and Epitome of the Choicest Gems of Wisdom, History, Reference and Recreation published in 1883
Grecian Varnish
Take three ounces of fir-balsam, two ounces of ninety-five per cent alcohol, and one ounce of rectified spirits of turpentine. Shake well together. Strain, if requisite and it is ready for use.

Spirits Sandarac Varnish
Six ounces of pulverized sandarac, two ounces of pulverized shellac, four ounces of pulverized resin, four of turpentine, thirty-two ounces of alcohol. Let the vessel you make it in be surrounded with warm water gradually made hot. When all gums are dissolved, strain, and in a few days it will be ready for use. This is good for varnishing anything that is wanted to dry quickly.

Transfer Varnish
To six ounces of fir-balsam add twelve of rectified spirits of turpentine, shake well together, strain if requisite, and it is ready for use. This is good for transferring engravings and holds the ink firmly It is sometimes used for varnishing maps, engravings, etc.

Mastic Varnish
Dissolve (without heat) six ounces of bruised mastic in twelve ounces of rectified spirits of turpentine; when dissolved, strain it into another bottle, cork it and place where the sun will strike it. After a time there will be a precipitate, and the clear portion may then be put into another bottle. This is good for maps and engravings.

Antique Varnish
This recipe has never before been given, although large sums have repeatedly been offered for the secret. All other recipes ware worthless, and no other preparation will stand the test of time as this has done.

Take one ounce of pure Venice turpentine, mix well with two ounces of pure spirits of turpentine, warm in a large bottle. In another bottle put four ounces of best fir-balsam (it must be pure) with two ounces of ninety-five per cent alcohol, shake each bottle frequently for six hours or more, then mix both preparations in the large bottle. The whole should stand in a warm place for several days before using.

How about you? Do you have any old, time tested recipes for home made craft items? How about a soap recipe or other uses for a can of Hershey's Syrup? Email Me!


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