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Quotes from Clair L. Frye

"When the sun goes down red you can go ahead. When the sun comes up red you can go back to bed."

"Dew in the morning means no rain all day. No dew in the morning and it will rain by night."

"When the wind blows over the oats stubbles fall is near."

"Plant your flowers and garden plants after the full moon in May because of the danger of frost."

"If you don't have frost by the full moon in September you probably won't have frost until the full moon in October."

"When the wind blows from the east, you'll have bad weather in a day or two."

"If the leaves of the trees turn inside out, a storm is usually coming."

"Thunder and lightning in the winter means coal weather is coming."

When you plant corn or sow oats, then it rains hard and washes the top soil away, "It takes the life out of the soil and the heart out of the man."

"Never plant on Sunday, you will have a bad crop."

"When the yellow jackets go into the ground, fall is near."

"We get old too fast and smart too slow."


How can you determine the local air temperature listening to a cricket?
Count the number of cricket chirps in 14 seconds, then add 40. The number will give you the degrees in Fahrenheit. On the other hand, we know that at 60 degrees Fahrenheit, a cricket will chirp 72 times per minute. So, for every four chirps less than 72, subtract a degree from 60 degrees F, and for every four additional chirps, add a degree to 60 degrees F. Get it?
(2003 Farmer's Almanac)


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