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Farm Photos

We raise chickens.

We were given a shed we had to move and rebuild for a coop.

Me and Pitney dug holes to put the 4x4's in for the floor.

Michael, Sam and Pitney picked out the best boards to use.

Everyone was talking about the new coop.

Pitney kept a close eye on the chicks while we worked.

The coop was finally coming together.

The coop should keep everyone safe and warm this winter.

One little chick got lost overnight. We brought him in the house and he soon recovered.

He grew up to be a fine rooster. We call him Grace.

Grace inspects the new nest boxes.

Our first egg!

Now we get large eggs and medium sized eggs.

The chickens like to clean up the garden at the end of the season.

We have Muscovy Ducks too. This is Gretchen.

This is Daddy Duck...Forest Gump.

Baby ducks first swim.

Baby Ducks are growing up.

We raised Barred Rock chickens in 2004.

Hen and Rooster

Their personalities are much calmer than the rhode island reds.

I made chicken "aprons" to protect the hens backs.



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