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Farm Photos 2

We are raising barred rock chickens this year.

Hen and Rooster

Their personalities are much calmer than the rhode island reds.

We decided to try White Rock Chickens for the 2005 season.

We bought them from McMurray Hatchery over the internet. We got one rare & exotic with our order.

We found these chicks to be the healthiest yet. They were superior to Agway and Tractor Supply.

They quickly outgrew their rubbermaid home. We put extra chicken wire on our dog cage to hold them.
The new chicks always draw a lot of interest from the other family members.

Sometimes a chick falls to the bottom of the "pecking order" and has to be separated for a short time.

OH NO 40 chickens and only one coop for the winter!

We decided to close in half of our wood working shop.

I used recycled 4x4's and joist hangers to build the floor. I have a hard time "toenailing"

I put down wire fencing and plastic to keep out the moisture and rats. The shed floor is dirt.

I purchased rough cut lumber from a local saw mill for the floor and wall.

Floor almost complete.

I framed out the wall on top of the floor.

We decided to put one of the nesting boxes from the old coop in here instead of building a new one.

I finished the wall and put in a small door.

We also realized that the run was too small to accommodate everyone.

I collected pallets from work and we built a pallet fence.

Pallets come in all shapes and sizes. This is a Husqvarna tractor pallet that I painted on the bottom to preserve the wood.

Michael drilled holes through all of the cross supports so we could insert a reinforcing rod.

We pounded the reinforcing rod in the ground and supported the fence with bricks.

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