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To build this great woodburner, start with two 55 gallon drums.

A hole is cut in the side for the pipe.

We purchased a door kit from Lehman's store in Ohio for about $100.

The second drum is placed on top connected by the pipe.

The top drum holds a lot of heat.

A coat of paint and it is all ready to go. We heat our whole downstairs with it.

We spent about $125. Definitely a great woodburner.

We decided to put together oneof those metal sheds to "save some money"

They tell you to make sure everything is square and level. That was an understatement.

We had blisters from turning in the bolts and screws.

This was a project we don't know if we would ever, ever do again.

We ordered gravel for our driveway this year. We decided to only get half of what we thought we needed.

One good thing is we have a nice speed bump on the right of way in front of our house.



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