A Happy Fall Flavors Milkshake

From the Kitchen of Michael Murphy

Egg Nog
Vanilla Ice Cream
Powdered Clove
Pumpkin Spice
A Blender

Directions:  Blend all this together and drink it.

Uses:  Mace is a natural muscle relaxer and sedative.  Nutmeg is also known for having a sedating effect on the body when consumed in large quantities. Clove is famous for its medicinal use as a numbing agent (tooth aches, lip balm for trumpet players, clove oil for numbing mouth ulcers, etc). 
Not-to-mention that sugar mixed with milk induces drowsiness. Combine these ALL-NATURAL muscle relaxers, sedatives, and numbing agents together in large quantities and you will be nothing short of smiley and happy.  Add as much as a tablespoon of each of these three key ingredients, and you may feel a little high....  that's if you can avoid falling asleep first.  Mace is the most important of the fall spices; use more of this than anything else. 
Dreamy-happy-slowly-smiley-warm fall-chill-buzzies nice feeling lulls you to sleep.  Warning--you will NOT want to get out of bed the next morning.  You will never have wanted to stay in bed more.  And at the end of the next day, you will REALLY WANT another Fall Milkshake.  Be careful.

NOTE: Particularly good for people afflicted with fibromialgia and multiple sclerosis.