Canning Sausage

Omit sage from your recipe if you are mixing your own sausage.

In canning it will make the sausage bitter.

Use a very light hand with other herbs and spices including garlic and onion, they will become stronger tasting in the canned sausage.
I simply use a bit of hot red pepper, black pepper, salt, and some thyme or marjoram for sausage that is to be canned.

Use 2/3 lean meat to 1/3 fat to make the best canned sausage.
Can sausage the same way as you can ground meat, except:

Make small patties, cook til very done.
Unlike ground beef, you use the fat from cooking the sausage in canning it.
Don't fill the jar too full, 2/3 full is enough.
Pour the grease in and cover the sausages.
You may want to melt some extra lard to use in covering the sausages in the jars.

Keep it very hot while waiting to be poured.

Adjust lids, can in pressure canner at 10 pounds pressure.
Pints 75 minutes
Quarts 90 minutes

Every year at hog killing time (usually around Thanksgiving) two or three hogs were always killed and put "away " for winter.

All the meat was salted, smoked or canned .

The following is a recipe for canned sausage.

It was used for many years by Kate Swartz McGlothen . She was b. 1885 in Bath Co Ky.

The pieces of pork were ground and seasonings added.

This is when it became sausage.

Then Kate would fry it in a huge pan till done.

She then scooped it out and into sterilized jars, making sure to get grease in with each scoop.

The grease would run to the top of jar and when cooled it would seal the jar .

When Kate would get ready to fix the sausage she would take some of the grease from the top and fry to warm the meat.


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