D E C O R A T O R ' S  C A KE  F R O S T I N G

This is an excellent frosting for birthday cakes or wedding cakes. It is also
a perfect consistency to use with a pastry tube for making cake decorations.

 1-1/2 cups shortening
 1/2 cup hot water
 2 boxes confectioners' powdered sugar
 1/8 teaspoon salt
 1 teaspoon butter flavoring
 2 teaspoon colorless vanilla flavoring

Using electric mixer, cream shortening until very soft. Add salt, a little
powdered sugar and flavorings. Then alternately add water and powdered sugar,
beating on medium speed until frosting is smooth after each addition. (Do not
mix on a high speed as it will cause air bubbles in frosting).

This frosting can be used to frost a cake, with enough to use in a pastrybag
to make decorations for the cake.

Decorations can be made and frozen on waxed paper placed on a cookie sheet
and covered with plastic wrap. These will keep several weeks.

To use: Thaw decorations and use on frosted cake. Do not put brightly colored
decorations on cake before freezing cake as color will bleed into frosting
when thawed.

Chocolate: Add 3 tablespoons cocoa to powdered sugar mixture.
Lemon: Omit butter and vanilla flavorings and add 3 teaspoons lemon

To Use As Wedding Cake Frosting:
Five recipes of frosting will ice and decorate a wedding cake as follows:

One 6-inch layer (top tier), one 14-inch layer, and one 18-inch layer,
making three tiers, suitable for a small wedding. Will serve 50 to 60 people.