Irish Noonies

From the Kitchen of Ian Murphy

Some Macaroni
Brick of White Cheddar (NOT American) Cheese (originally Colerain Cheddar from Ireland...  the best white sharp cheddar cheese IN THE WORLD...  if you're in America, Kraft sharp white cheddar will go down easy enough).
1 can of Stewed tomatoes

Directions:  Boil the macaroni.  That is all the cooking this takes. 
Drain the mac, add the butter, then hunks of the cheese.  The cheese should not melt completely....  only partially.  When the cheddar hunks are half-melted, add the can of cold stewed tomatoes.  Stir it up.  The heat from the boiled noodles and the cold of the stewed tomatoes will balance one another out nicely....   your meal should be at perfect eating temperature  right after stirring. Salt generously, but carefully.

Uses:  This is so easy...  so cheap....  so quick....   and DELICIOUS.  I swear, you would never believe how good pasta, salt, butter, tomatoes, and white cheddar taste when mixed together.  There's something magical that happens....  enjoy.