Kentucky Burgoo (1200 Gallons)

From the Kitchen of Michael Murphy


600 pounds lean soup meat (no fat, no bones)

200 pounds fat hens (chickens)

1440 squirrels (in season)

2000 pounds potatoes… pealed and diced

200 pounds onions… pealed and chopped

5 bushels of cabbage… chopped

600 pounds of tomatoes… pealed and cored

24 ten pound cans of tomato puree

240 pounds of carrots… pealed and chopped

180 pounds of corn… de-cobbed (may substitute 18 ten pound cans)

Red pepper and salt to taste

Season with Worcestershire, Tabasco or A#1 Sauce


Mix ingredients, a little at a time, and cook outdoors in huge iron kettles over wood fires from 15 to 20 hours. Use squirrels in season, one dozen squirrels to each 100 gallons.


“Burgoo” is literally a soup composed of many vegetables and meats delectably fused together in an enormous caldron, over which, at the exact moment, a rabbit’s foot at the end of a yarn string is properly waved by a colored preacher, whose salary has been paid to date. “These are the good omens by which the burgoo is fortified.”