Grandma Hrovosky's (from Russia) homemade pierogies:

From the Kitchen of Sarah Huff


Flour mix:

1 cup flour to one egg.

(use as many of these mixures as you wish to make as many as you wish)

Let the dough stand for a few hours.

The inside mixture is made up of potato and cheddar cheese. Boil some potatoes, and then mix shredded cheddar cheese in with the mashed potatoes. Add garlic powder, and salt and pepper, and make sure the mixture is stiff.

Once the dough has stood for some time, flour the counter, and roll out some dough. Tear about a 3 by 3 piece, and take a tablespoon full of potato/cheese mixture and place it in the center of the piece. Fold the piece over and pinch the edges together like a ravioli, or pierogi.

Once you have used all the rolled dough, and have appx. 9 pierogies, add all 9 to boiling water, and cook until they float. Add to previously sautéed onions, and LOTS of melted butter, (yellow or white onions, and chopped scallions) and toss so they do not stick together. It takes a while to use up all the dough, so this undertaking is a labor of true love. Serve with Kielbasa, and sauerkraut, if you wish. Have fun.