Dadís Favorite Pork Chops

From the Kitchen of Pamela Murphy


4 pork chops

Bottle of fruity Salad Dressing



Marinade pork chops for at least one half hour in salad dressing. (can be overnight) Heat grill or broiler pan. Mix more salad dressing with Preserves to a consistency that will stay on pork chops. (just not runny) Brush one side of pork chop with mixture and put on grill to sear a minute or two. Now put mixture on other side and turn. Depending on the thickness of the pork chops, grill three to four minutes on each side. Make a small slice near the bone or in the thickest part to see if it is still pink. Meat will continue to cook after taken off of the grill so be careful not to over cook. (for the Preserves and Salad Dressing, I have used raspberry vinaigrette and raspberry preserves or citrus Salad Dressing with orange marmalade)