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Resources & Links

WorldNetDaily - A Free Press for a Free People
Prophesy and Current Events
Are we in the "End Times" spoken about in the Bible? We think so. Check it out!
The Drudge Report
Honest News without the Liberal Media Slant
FOX News
News Broadcasting
Ann Coulter
One of the Nation's Better Columnists
Media Research Center
America's Media Watchdog: Bringing Political Balance and Responsibility to the Media
Frety Net
A web directory with homepage thumbnails

Internet Shopping
The Ships Store - Fine Gifts and Collectibles

Christian Links on the Web
Jesus Answers - Christian freebies and free Christian stuff
Covenant News - Today's news for today's church.
The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert Foundation - Who and what we need to pray for in Washington.
Kenneth Copeland Ministries - Both the milk and meat of God's Word here.
Operation Save America - Take a stand!
Grant R. Jeffrey Ministries - Grant Jeffrey is recognized as one of the leading teachers on Bible prophecy.
Creation Evidence - We ARE NOT descendents of frogs, clams or monkeys.
Bible Codes - You've heard rumor about modern day prophesy hidden in bible scriptures. Go here to check it out.
Paula White Ministries - Together with her husband Randy, they serve as shepherds to some 15,000 members of Without Walls International Church in Tampa, Florida

Health & Nutrition
Fibromyalgia Information
Herbalicious. Everything Nutritious

Friend's Web Sites
Terri's Cafe and Teri's Treasure Trove eBay Auctions offer an assortment of heart warming thoughts and eloquent prose from our dear and precious friend, Teri Hirko. She also has some great stuff for sale on eBay in her Treasure Trove.
George Murphy It Didn't Happen On My Watch & Scuttlebutt
Scott Hall Scott Hall - One Man Band
Teen Quest
Teen Quest is a youth ministry reaching a world of teenagers for Jesus Christ from Western Pennsylvania.

Champion Christian School
An alternative to the misguided public school system.


An assortment of topics on home and homestead type subjects. You have to sign up for this one but it's worth it!

Country Interests
Folk Lore Weather Forecasting - How our ancestors forecast the weather.
Before satellite weather pictures, before accurate measuring instruments before the barometer, the thermometer, the anemometer, the rain gauge, the hydrometer and before the position of Weather Forecaster had been thought of, most people worked in the open and observed the weather every day. These people observed patterns in the weather, and as they discussed these patterns with friends and neighbors adages developed. The adages found on this web site have endured generations quite simply because they have proved to be true over and over again.
Bertram's Lair - Yer Redneck Rampage Emporium & Health Spa
"Redneck Humor", Country Wit and Sarcasm at it's finest! Plan on spending some time here!
Elite Tactical Sources
A list of links covering just about anything a country or outdoor oriented person could want. You DEFINITELY want to check this out!

Pennsylvania Interests
History of Fayette County, Pennsylvania
With biographical sketches of many of its pioneers and prominent men edited by Franklin Ellis. A lot of the answers to our weekly Trivia Question can be found here. This book, published in 1882, covers it all and is a "must read" for any history buffs.
Glen L. Roberts' Pennsylvania Directory
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Send us your favorite links. You know the ones we mean. The links that you spent months looking for. Links to that perfect perfect web site for crafts, country living, shopping, recipes, coping with stress, children's issues, marital issues, matters of the heart, anything and everything.

Links will be sorted according to areas of interest and of course, reciprocal links to Real Country Life will be greatly appreciated.

Do you have any idea how long it took me to find the Future Horizons web site? I mean where else is a girl going to find the plans to build her own Time Machine and Ambient Power Module to extract free energy out of thin air?


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