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Kitchen An open box of baking soda in the refrigerator will keep it smelling clean and fresh for about a month.
Dump the old box into the kitty litter pan.
A mason jar half filled with sugar water and an apple peel with a funnel inverted into the top makes a good trap for fruit flies.
Homemade Cleaning Wipes
Cleaning Recipes From the Pantry
More Cleaning Recipes From the Pantry

Bath A pumice stone will scrub away lime deposits from sinks and toilet bowls and will not scratch the porcelain. Who knew?
A little bleach mixed in water will kill mildew. Use rubber gloves to protect your French Manicure.
Save your soap chips in a mesh onion bag. They can be melted in a double boiler to make new soaps or put in drawers as sachet.
Lemon, Lavender & Rosemary Shampoo

Bedroom Studies have shown that particular scents drive people wild with passion. Women are attracted to the scents of "Good n Plenty" and Cucumbers; men, the smell of Pumpkin Pie and Lavender.
Give the kids a week's deadline to clean their rooms ending on Sunday night. Monday clean their rooms and put anything not where it should be in big plastic garbage bags. Hide them and when asked mention that they may not have gone out to the trash yet. They will get the hint. If they don't, giftwrap everything up and you have done your Christmas shopping.
A three bulb pole lamp filled with a red light, a blue light and a 15 watt soft white light can created some interesting "mood lighting". Try each one and in combinations. Cellulite does not show up under red light.

Garage Trap that mouse with this. Take quart size spaghetti sauce jar and put some peanut butter in it. Make slits in the lid with a large wood chisel from the top so it looks like you cut a pie. Screw it onto the jar. Use the handle of the chisel to bend them in about an inch. DO NOT stick your finger in the hole! Place it along a wall. Mice can get in but they can't get out.
Keep some charcoal briquettes in your tool box and parts drawers to absorb moisture and prevent rust.
Check the air in your spare tire and spring for a can of "Fix O Flat" to keep in your car trunk. Works great for bicycle and wheel barrow tires too.

Workshop Save any old neck ties you can find. They are great for quilting and crafts.
Duct Tape can fix anything.
A small, strong magnet glued to the end of a dowel is great for picking up dropped washers, screws and the like.

Hunting Producing Your Own Shot for Shotgun Hunting

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